Gerald Weinberg, P.C.

What We Offer

* Corporate Formation in all 50 States.

* Corporate Formation in certain offshore locations.

* Authorization of Corporations from other Countries.

* Corporate Reinstatements Involving Franchise Tax Issues.

* Franchise Tax/Dissolutions.

* Mergers, Amendments, and Not-For-Profit Corporations.

* Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.

* Retrieval of factual details regarding any filed corporation, including name availability.

* Printing of Stock and fabrication of Seals on request.

* Filing of Certificate of Assumed Name.

* Obtaining consents from various government agencies.

* Obtaining copies of filed documents.

* Obtaining Certificates of Good Standing.

* Summons Service upon the Secretary of State (in NY only).

* 501(c)(3) applications.

* Judicial Applications affecting Corporate Existance.

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